"A Teacher is equal to 100 priests".

Teaching is an art and a very few have that art. So we want to transfer that art to the budding cardiologists.

Over a decade, there was a tremendous research and improvement in the field of cardiology imaging and stent technology.  In most of the workshops and conferences the focus of discussion was on coronary artery disease.  Due to availability of imaging technology, clinical skills of evaluation of cardiac cases are gradually vanishing in most of the DNB accredited institutions except in some teaching hospitals.

Cardiology update was started in 2006 with an aim to provide a comprehensive approach in the clinical examinations by eminent examiners. It was started with the advice and encouragement from Late Prof. Rajendra Tandon, Prof. P.Krishnam Raju, Prof. Sudhyakumar, Prof. Dayasagar Rao , Prof. Sukumar, Prof. S. Shanmugasundaram and other eminent professors and with the financial support from Dr.K.M.Cherian.

Over few years since 2006, this program has attached DNB & DM & FNB cardiology students from all corners of India.  Nearly 200 students attend this two and half days program.  This is an unique platform where students can get a chance to expose to different type of questions by various examiners, spotters & cardiac imaging.

In the years following 2006, this program has attracted DNB, DM & FNB cardiology students from all corners of India.
We hope that this program will be beneficial for the students in the field of cardiology.