Clinical Cardiology is a fundamental prerequsite to become a good noninvasive clinical cardiologist and interventional cardiologist. With an aim to provide a comprehensive review on clinical cardiology, to DM, DNB & FNB ( cardiology post graduate students), this update was started in 2006 with the guidance from late Prof. Rajendra Tandon, Prof.P.Krishnam raju, Prof.D.Sudhaya kumar and other eminent faculty from different parts of country.

This update attracts 200 post graduate students from all parts of the country. The update consists of examination oriented discussions of 8-10 clinical cases. The cases consist of multi valvular heart diseases, congenital heart diseases, cardiomyopathies and pericardial diseases.The program also focusses on atleast 8 relevant lectures of clinical orientation, interactive sessions, viva and spotters. This is an unique program, in which post graduate students present the cases to 3-4 faculty just like how it happens during their real examinations.

This exercise gives them confidence and exposure to different set of questions by different examiners. The two and a half days program gives overall review of the pattern of DM , DNB , FNB examinations. There will be a quiz program on the final day based on lecture topics.This Educational activity Accredited by Tamilnadu medical Council carries 5 credit hours.